Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in a Paper Mill Playhouse Production’s Opening Night: Photo Recap!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Paper Mill Playhouse’s pitch-perfect production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! The Tony Award-winning theater in Millburn, NJ closes its current 80th anniversary season with this beloved staging, which runs through July 3.

The Broadway musical spotlights all the memorable, classic songs from the original 1991 animated musical version of the beloved fairy-tale. Backed by a stellar principal cast, a luminous creative team, and a talented ensemble, it was a hit! How could it not be? There’s scintillating music by Alan Menken, witty lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, and a noble book by Linda Woolverton! Mark S. Hoebee’s direction highlighted the humanity, humor, and universality of each character; choreographer Alex Sanchez brought the perfect rhythm and drive; and music director Michael Borth tied it all together with a savvy baton.

Check-in tomorrow for my official review! In the meantime, enjoy my photos from last night! Thanks to @hbrians_237 for the snaps!

Later this weekend, I’ll share my video interviews with some of the principals and creative team. I can’t wait for you to see it! Enjoy!

(Above: interview with Director & PMP Producing Artistic Director Mark S. Hoebee)

(Above: interview with Belinda Allyn, who played Belle)

(Above: interview with Stephen Mark Lukas who played Gaston)

(Above: interview with Tally Sessions, who played the Beast)

(Above: interview with choreographer, Alex Sanchez)

(Above: interview with Stacia Fernandez, who played Mrs. Potts)

(Above: interview with Kevin Ligon, who played Cogsworth)

(Above: interview with Joel Blum, who played Belle’s father, Maurice)

(Above: interview with Kevin Curtis, who played LeFou)

(Above: me out front of Paper Mill Playhouse with the playbill)

(Above: the talented women of the ensemble: Lauren E.J. Hamilton, Molly Rushing, Corinne Munsch, Brittany Conigatti, Monica Cioffi, Alexa Racioppi, Cynthia Thorne, Annie Gagen and Bronwyn Tarboton.

(Above: the talented men of the ensemble (plus principal Kevin Curtis): David Michael Garry, Leeds Hill, Justin DeParis, Brett Pederson, Michael Milkanin, Taylor Rosenberger, Joe Bigelow, Stephen DiBiase, Brett Michael Lockley, Kevin Curtis and Matthew Vincent Taylor

(Above: principal Jenelle Chu who played Babette)

(Above: the two alternating actors playing Chip: Gianni David Faruolo and Antonio Watson)

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