LYBLABCs: X is for Xenial

As part of my weekly LYBLABCs series — which rolls-out a core value aligned to Oprah’s Live Your Best Life philosophy found in O, the Oprah Magazine — here’s the latest virtue.

You don’t have to believe in angels to be one yourself—a guide who carries someone when they’re too tired to take another step.

At every point in your life, everyone you meet is bearing a burden, praying for help to lighten a load, or feels like mercy has been turned from them.

In the spirit of goodwill and a duty to those less fortunate than you, open your house and your heart to all who come your way. Be a guiding light and an advocate for the defenseless. Share generously, warmly, and openly with those who have little themselves in a friendly, hospitable, pure, genial spirit.

It’s as simple as this: if there’s a chance you’ll need help from someone down the line, why would you refuse to help others?

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