LYBLABCs: V is for Veracity

As part of my weekly LYBLABCs series — which rolls-out a core value aligned to Oprah’s Live Your Best Life philosophy found in O, the Oprah Magazine — here’s the latest virtue.

Stay true to yourself!

Be truthful, trustworthy, honest, loyal, devoted, and reliable with yourself and others so that you can call yourself honorable and fair when you lay your head down at night. Strive to do the right and just thing.

Don’t worry about what others think of you – let them get distracted. Don’t waste energy correcting anyone’s opinions of you. Insults are aimed low: they’re only going to bother you if you’re already down low. Gossip, miscommunication, and small-minded thinking never amounts to much, anyway. Truth’s like rain: sooner or later it falls on everyone!

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