LYBLABCs: L is for Love

As part of my weekly LYBLABCs series — which rolls-out a core value aligned to Oprah’s Live Your Best Life philosophy found in O, the Oprah Magazine — here’s the latest virtue! 

L is for Love!

Love makes the world go round!

As one of the grander things in life, love has the power to bring light from darkness and day from night. It heals all of the wounds and burdens of the heart.

It is transformative. It heralds charity, peace, faith, wisdom, and harmony. And only when your heart’s open can you discover it. Love isn’t bound to a preordained existence: it is eternal!

Love is a rare, coveted thing because even if you’re loyal and devoted, it’s elusive and fickle. It’s not always fair and reasonable.

Live and laugh with completeness, and love with your whole being!

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