“The Rockettes and Race: A Very White Christmas” in the New York Times

Back in the day, there was an unwritten rule of polite society that said a lady had her name published in the newspaper three times: when she’s born, when she marries, and when she dies.

Well, polite society be damned: I’m in this weekend’s New York Times! 

In this Sunday’s NYTimes’s Metropolitan section, NYTimes staff writer Ginia Bellafante’s “Big City” column addresses diversity (and the lack of it) in the Radio City Rockettes in her piece titled, “The Rockettes and Race: A Very White Christmas.”

Bellafante asked me to weigh-in on the 30-year aftermath of my 1987 race barrier-breaking benchmark to give some nuance to her solid piece that addresses some of the longstanding philosophies of the Rockettes’s legacy over the last ~90 years of existence.

I have so much more to say on the matter…but all in due time! For now, head over to the NYTimes to read the piece!

And here’s a timely reminder to throw your support behind the free press! Subscriptions make great holiday gifts!

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