LYBLABCs: H is for Humanity

As part of my weekly LYBLABCs series — which rolls-out a core value aligned to Oprah’s Live Your Best Life philosophy found in O, the Oprah Magazine — here’s the latest virtue! 

H is for Humanity!

You’re only as big as your humanity. Humanity holds all the keys to proportion, the yardstick of personal growth. It’s the building-block of your principles, your honor, your compassion, your reverence for life, and your common sense.

Not long ago, the world was vast. Now it’s small, thanks to cars, ships, planes, and trains. Travel cultivates humanity, builds a framework of your world, and encourages you to recognize and cherish the commonalities of mankind.

Try all sorts of new things in far-away places and learn more things than can fit into your head!

Remember, too, that sometimes the trip between is what counts the most, and the journey can be more fulfilling than the destination itself.

Dream big, be big!

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