Becoming Michelle Obama: From Lawyer to FLOTUS to Icon

In anticipation of her new book, Becoming, Michelle Obama sat down with journalist Robin Roberts for an hour-long ABC 2020 exclusive filmed around Chicago’s landmarks of Michelle’s past and present.

Published by Penguin Random House and dropping on Tuesday, November 13, the much anticipated auto-biography promises to be as forthcoming and accessible as Michelle herself.

Polished to perfection, Michelle rocked a longer, chicer version of her classic 2012-era coif, super-chic polka-dot d’Orsay pumps, and a powder-blue manicure that matched the lining of her suit — tan! — clearly a clever tongue-in-cheek jab at Obama’s 2014 #TanSuitGate when he was bafflingly chastised for wearing a tan suit at a press conference. Four years later, we can count it as No Drama Obama’s biggest ~scandal~!

Accompanied by Robin, Michelle visited the modest brick house in the Chicago suburbs where she was raised in a tight-knit, working-class family. She chatted about finding identity as a teenager, and the solid, hard-working values that her parents instilled upon her, which guided her through Ivy League chapters at Princeton and Harvard.

Through vintage video clips and numerous Pete Souza photos from his golden tenure alongside #44, we got a nuanced, generous profile of the former FLOTUS.

She reminisced about courtship with Obama and how he appealed to her “box-checker” methodology with his no-nonsense, goal-oriented approach to life. And newsflash: a plaque marks the spot at Baskin-Robbins where they shared their first kiss!

Michelle also revealed that hardships made her marriage to Barack stronger, such as infertility challenges, a subsequent miscarriage, and marital counseling before they were blessed with two daughters, Malia and Sasha. She also talked about the challenges of being the first black FLOTUS, the unjust stereotypes that she defied, and the harsh criticisms that she shouldered.

When Robin asked her to comment on the current first lady, Melania, we were reminded of her grace and good sportsmanship: she refused to make a statement. However, she noted that counter to tradition/courtesy where the incoming First Lady reaches-out to the outgoing First Lady for advice, Melania has never contacted her…

We were also reminded of the numerous good-faith initiatives that Michelle spearheaded as FLOTUS, with programs that promoted good health, education, and the arts.

Her book-tour kicks-off on Tuesday in Chicago, moderated by Chicago muscle, Oprah! Star power greets Michelle at every stop, such as Valerie Jarrett in DC, Reese Witherspoon in CO, and Tracee Ellis Ross in LA! She’s such a rock star!

The biggest hope for her book is that it generates conversation, and whatever legacy she leaves behind, she wants it to give hope to young people.

At the end of the fabulous interview, we’re left with nostalgia of the past and hope for the future. MICHELLE/OPRAH 2020!

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