There’s Something About Oprah: Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018 Edition

For me, there are two significant November events that kick-off the holiday season. First, the opening night of The Rockettes’s Christmas Spectacular season, which always reminds me of the glitter, excitement and joy of the Christmas season.

Second, the launch of Oprah’s Favorite Things! What better way to ring in the holiday season and show your gifting gratitude with Oprah’s taste-making, statement-making recommendations!?

Yesterday, the creative director of O, the Oprah Magazine, Adam Glassman, rolled out the official announcement on ABC’s Good Morning America, with an encore performance on KTVI’s Extra, with screenshots below to highlight some of his best picks!

The 2018 edition is the largest in its two-decade history, numbering at 107 alluring items, which range from high to low, and include 50 items under $50! There’s something for everyone, from techie to gourmet to pets to beauty. It’s the go-to list for niche and popular brands, amazing new products, and evergreens.

Oprah’s Favorite Things started back in her Chicago broadcast days of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” when Oprah discovered amazing items and wanted to share them with her whole crew (which she did!) Since then, it’s grown into cult, legendary status. I loved watching the OFT editions, a showcase of the generosity and altruism of the human spirit and how much it can make an immeasurable difference to those in need.

The list is the perfect reflection of Oprah’s love of sharing and joy of gift-giving. And as a taste-master, it’s a collection of excellent, favorite products that have come across her wordly path.

While some find it a chore, I adore the holiday shopping season! It’s the time of year where you have an easy excuse to find the perfect, unique gift to show someone how much they mean to you, how appreciative you are of all they’ve done for you, and how special they are. And what better way to reflect on the joy of the season and its message of brotherhood, cheer, generosity, togetherness, and hope? With Oprah’s list, I always discover one-of-a-kind, unique gifts to make the holiday even more festive and bright.

All of Oprah’s Favorite Things are hand-picked from the media mogul herself, and curated by Glassman and an Oprah Magazine crew such as style editors Rae Ann Herman and Raena L. over many months of discovery.

Shop it on Amazon, on the new Oprah Magazine website, or in the upcoming December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, which exits November 20, 2018!

And did you hear the most amazing news regarding this year’s list?! As one of the current ~60 Omag Insiders, I was invited with a handful of other local and visiting ambassadors to attend the private VIP party in NYC to celebrate the big Oprah’s Favorite Thing reveal, which was hosted by SVP, Publisher/CRO Jayne Jamison and Editor in Chief Lucy Kaylin, and MC’d by Editor at Large Gayle King and Creative Director Glassman! Stay close for more posts about the amazing sponsors, and an exclusive insider’s access to the event! It was an unforgettable evening!

Now check-out some of the products highlighted by Glassman on Extra from last night’s broadcast!

Mia Smart Luxe Set by Clarisonic. Oprah said, “I’m always trying to give gifts I’d be genuinely happy to receive. I use my Clarisonic every single night, and this new version comes with brushes for neck firming, eye massaging, and makeup blending, which all sound mighty fine to me!”

Electric Step-Through Bike by Story Bicycles. Oprah said: “My Santa Barbara neighbor makes this battery-powered beauty. I love mine because (a) I can pedal up to 20 miles per hour and (b) for every one sold, a nonelectric model is donated to a person in Africa, South America, or Southeast Asia.”

Holiday Family Jammies and Jumpbee by Burt’s Bees Baby. Oprah said: “Tell me this isn’t next year’s holiday card in the making! These organic-cotton pajamas come sized for the entire family. All you need is a crackling fire and a camera.”

Truffle Snack Tin by Chelsea Market Basket. Oprah said: “Torres Selecta black truffle chips and Pipcorn truffle mini popcorn have joined forces in the ultimate snack pack, complete with a gingham throw that’s perfect for picnics.”

“The Jumpsuit” by L.A. Relaxed. Oprah said: “Like a Onesie for grown-ups, this jumpsuit is a pleasure to wear on a long trip because you can curl up in it and still look fresh when you get where you’re going. The stripe down the leg sure does slenderize.”

Velvet Queen Head Wrap by The Regal Wrap. Oprah said: A good fix for a bad hair day, these pre-tied velvet turbans were designed by the multitalented Kim Hawthorne, who happens to be on a little show called Greenleaf!

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