LYBLABCs: G is for Graciousness

G letter 02

As part of my weekly LYBLABCs series — which rolls-out a core value aligned to Oprah’s Live Your Best Life philosophy found in O, the Oprah Magazine — here’s the latest virtue! 

G letter

G is for Graciousness!

Graciousness is what you make of it.

Gracious living requires an essential harmony of kindness, compassion, courtesy, generosity, grace, tranquility, beauty, and etiquette.

It’s demanding, but the key is to take pride in your life and its labors: you’re a unique monument of beauty!

Find tranquility in balance, gratification in graciousness, and encouragement in generosity.

Mankind is full of bitter, cruel, rough inhumanities. Banish discord and strife! Refuse ugliness, chaos, anxiety, and fear!

Your goal is completeness. Cultivate it and defend it!

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