Home is Where the Art is: La Filanda

This past weekend’s NYTimes T Magazine Design Issue featured a total dream home crafted by Italian director/filmmaker, Luca Guadagnino, most recently of last year’s “Call Me By Your Name” fame.

Through his films such as “I Am Love” (2009) and the upcoming “Suspiria” (a remodeling of Dario Argento’s campy cult 70s horror flick), he evokes such evocative atmospheres with meticulous stagecraft and scenography, often set in particular eras, that the locations themselves become protagonists.

So it comes as no surprise that he triumphed in his interior decorator debut, La Filanda, a 19th-century former silk mill set on Italy’s Lake Como. Owners Federico Marchetti (the Italian entrepreneur who founded the Yoox Net-a-Porter empire) and Kerry Olsen (the British journalist who writes for titles such as Vogue and the NYTimes) commissioned Guadagnino to restore its +9,600 square-foot imprint to absolute splendor.

Guadagnino and architect Giulio Ghirardi (plus a team of 150 artisans and craftsmen!) customized its interiors in mid-20th century Modernist design, often a nod to the iconic Portaluppi-designed Villa Necchi in Milan where Guadagnino’s “I am Love” was shot.

And the magic is in the mix: vintage fixtures by Gio Ponti, a custom-built marble table by Hermès, and archival housewares revived by historic EU luxury brands such as Manescalchi, Gobelins Manufactory, and J. & L. Lobmeyr.

The stunning photos by Henry Bourne accompany Guy Trebay‘s masterly write-up. I Am Love!

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