Stand Up To Cancer!

Stand Up To Cancer Marks 10 Years Of Impact In Cancer Research At Biennial Telecast - Inside

Cancer absolutely sucks, but here’s some good news: Stand Up To Cancer’s sixth annual telethon raised $123.6 million in North American pledges, its most successful edition yet!

Celebs such as Matt Damon, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jon Hamm, Bradley Cooper, Winona Ryder, Josh Brolin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Matthew McConaughey and Keanu Reeves participated in the Friday fundraiser from Santa Monica, California, which can be watched here.

Stevie Wonder paid a touching musical tribute to Aretha Franklin, who died last month of pancreatic cancer.

Founded in 2008, the org has raised more than $480 million in a decade, allocated towards the most effective and promising cancer research, and therapies for cancer patients.

Through education and breakthrough research, let’s work towards a world free of cancer. Become a volunteer, donate to your favorite organization, and educate yourself on prevention and detection!


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