Deva Diva: to Protect and to Serve

It’s kind of ironic: summer weather calls for relaxed beauty routines, but the weather – sun, surf, swim and sand – takes its biggest toll on your hair and skin. As the summer days shorten, I habitually re-up my hair care (and skin care) regiment to lock-in moisture before the cold-weather snap.

During my Rockette years, I wore my long curly hair pinned to my head or pulled into a twist to accommodate elaborate headpieces. Backstage, my go-to product was Deva Curl’s rich, creamy Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment. The fresh lemongrass scent still takes me back!

In my post-Rockette era, I turned to Deva to help nurture my hair and boost its natural curl pattern. Now in middle age (only in data points, not in spirit or form!), my hair care needs have evolved, as well as my preferences in styling formulas, elixirs, shampoos and conditioners. Simply, I want gently-scented products and treatments that quickly strengthen my strands, condition my frizz, protect my color, and reduce my split ends while adding shine, bounce, and silken texture. And having on-point hair means I feel prettier, happier, and more confident.

With so many brands on the market that cater to curly, textured hair, Deva’s customized solutions are well-suited to my specific needs. And on social consciousness, its products aimed at multicultural hair have broadened the traditional conceptions of beauty, transformed the luxury hair care market, and supported the art of natural hair.

So when Deva kindly sent me a generous package of evergreen products, I was beyond thrilled! As I start my traditional autumn hair care fortification, I’ll be sharing my biggest impressions and best techniques.

In the meantime, it’s never too late to embrace your hair’s natural texture or to celebrate its unique style. You deserve it!


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