Let There Be Light!

My name is Jennifer Jones and I’m a Radio City Music Hall Rockette alumnae.

As its first African American dancer, I smashed through the longstanding color barrier mandated by the troupe’s foundation in 1925, and went-on to a 15-year career.

When I turned 51 last month, those  Rockette years comprised 30% of my total days lived on this great earth.

When I hung-up my high-heeled dance shoes two decades ago, I said goodbye to the medium that transmitted my voice to global audiences. Now as a freshly-minted O Magazine Insider, I’ve been given the honor to connect with multiple-millions of readers through O, the Oprah Magazine.

6 Replies to “Let There Be Light!”

  1. Wow! What an honor that you’re part of our OMagInsiders group!! I’m so happy to have met you in NYC. And by the way, Radio City Music Hall is one of my all time favorite theaters. I love the ladies restroom there!! Haha!!


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